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From the Nano to the Macro, we’re developing next generation polymer technology. Our tech will power the manufacture of innovative medical products for years to come.

Nanoparticles & Microparticles
Fibrous Implants
Gels & Films
Surface Coatings
Injectable Implant
3D Printed Implants

tunable parameters, tunable results

Our polymers outperform old drug delivery systems.

Tunable Parameters
Variables Biomedical Polymer Systems
Polymer (PCL, PLA) Copolymers (PLGA) Pendant Polymers
Polymer MW
Monomer ratios
Pendant functionalization
Crosslinker chemistry
Degree of crosslinking
Tunable Results
Mechanical Properties

Through technology, we access major underserved market segments.

Global Injectable Drug Delivery = $404B in 2017, $1200B by 2026*

Pendant Bio’s technology accesses two major market segments:

in 2017

Total Injectables Market

by 20261

Surface Coatings Market

in 2017

by 20262
*Research and Markets, 2018; 1BCC Research, 2018; 2Statistics MRC and Wiseguys Reports, 2018

Intellectual property fuels growth.

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Flexibility drives differentiation.

Pendant Bio is better at drug delivery because our affordable polymer platform is more versatile than old systems, and can more predictably solve today’s¬†most difficult drug delivery¬†challenges regardless of the active pharmaceutical¬†ingredient.
Pendant Bio is better at coatings because we‚Äôve combined a surface modification system with a drug delivery platform, which provides more flexibility to design the differentiated products required for success in today’s medical device arena.
Company Coatings Drug Delivery Stage
Pendant Bio Preclinical
Evonik Marketed
Harland Medical Marketed
Innocore Pharmaceuticals Preclinical
PolyActiva Preclinical
DSM Marketed
Auritec Pharmaceuticals Preclinical
Surmodics Marketed
Polymer Therapeutics Preclinical

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